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Jewellery Bijou

"Few years ago I received a necklace as a gift, I like them so much and wanted to have them in a different colour as well, however I could not find them. I decided to make them myself so. Very quickly after discovering pliers, silver wire and gemstones ,I became completely obsessed with making jewelry. At first it was just a hobby something to keep myself busy. I quickly became more and more creative and began selling my work
It was not until years later when the idea of creating jewelry as a business emerged. Recently I have also fell in love with crocheting,this is the reason why there is so many crochet accessories in my etsy shop..."
"...I have been featured on those websites:
I also would love to be featured in some fashion magazines,so I am planning to work on that..."
"...My main focus when I make a piece of accesory is to make something that differs from high street fashion. That is why all the the items I make are handmade and unique. I always design each piece individually, with great attention to style and sophistication.
I make every item myself and, consequently, it cannot be found anywhere else.
I like to think of my art as making “unique fashion for unique people”. My goal is to provide every single customer not only with a piece of accessory of the highest quality but also to offer them a truly personal experience. That is why for every individual piece I try to capture the beauty of the materials I use, their textures and colours, giving each product its own unique character..."
"...I used to specialize in creating exquisite and mostly one of a kind pieces of wearable Jewellery art,however now you can also find many crochet accessories in my etsy shop.I especially love to make the gloves and the legwarmers..."
I asked and  Dorota Toczek the person behind the Jewellery Bijou answered.
You can find her beautiful designs here:

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  1. I am so delighted to be featured on your blog!thank you!

  2. These pieces are beautiful and best of luck to you and your etsy store!

  3. Great pieces they're so lovely!

    Following you too!! and also liked your Facebook page hope you can do the same with mine. Don't have the like button but could be added as friend.


    <3 Marina