utorak, 29. studenoga 2011.

Color me black...

Closer to the holiday during which we like to wear something festive, I propose Noha, not only as something to wear, but also as something to give to that special someone...

srijeda, 16. studenoga 2011.

Oz Jewelry

Magical and unique, just like Dorothy herself found it in the country of Oz...
 Wizard of Oz in this case is an imaginative girl Ozana whose hands work can be found on the facebook page: Oz Nakit!

 Its color combinations with precious stones and beads create unique jewelry. Be careful because you will not go unnoticed wearing it!


utorak, 1. studenoga 2011.

One, but perfect one!!!

Only one piece is sufficient for the perfect outfit, but only special piece can ascend you to a higher level!
I'm talking about jewelry, of course, Nohaa jewelry!